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„Úgy fogyassz, hogy a fogyasztásod pótolni lehessen, és mindig igyekezz visszaadni”

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Megérkezett az idei Balatoni Gasztrotérkép®

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The big christmas recommendations from Balatoni Gastromap

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5 +1 winery with great atmosphere which is not to be missed out on

The wine region at Lake Balaton, especially the region known for the white wines is deservedly favoured by many. Who whouldn’t want to clink glasses with a glass of ice cold spritzer, wine or even champagne on the most beautiful wine terraces of the region? We now present our favourite places where you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience and where you can also pay by bank card.

Folly Arborétum és Borászat (Folly Arboretum and Winery) – Badacsonyörs

An entire set of experiences await every visitor here, since you can not only drink wine and eat at the Folly Arboretum but you may also wander around this fantastic, lush arboretum where you may discover cedars and cypresses. The Folly family has been producing grapes in 7 hectares for generations. Lake Balaton Gastro Map tip: Kéknyelű 2018

Homola Borterasz (Homola Wine Terrace) – Paloznak

Wonderful panorama reaching out up to Tihany, solar sails, picnic feeling, parties with a DJ in the vineyard, 100 % Balaton and Homola products – everybody can have a good time on the Homola Wine Terrace from small children to adults. Lake Balaton Gastro Map tip: Homola Hajnóczy Olaszrizling (Homola Hajnóczy Italian Riesling) 2017

Kreinbacher Birtok (Kreinbacher Estate) – Somló

Somló Hill has a unique terroir, it is absolutely worth visiting our country’s smallest historic wine region and sign up for a taste in the Kreinbacher Estate where the wine, the food and the architecture offer you a special experience. Lake Balaton Gastro Map tip: Kreinbacher Somlói Juhfark Selection 2017

Kristinus Borbirtok (Kristinus Wine Estate) – Kéthely

One of the most exciting destinations of the southern shore is the Kristinus Estate where they cultivate the vineyards in a sustainable manner and where unique wines are produced. The Kristinus Gastro Place operating near the winery offers an ideal meeting point and it constitutes a wine bar and a special culinary experience at the same time. Lake Balaton Gastro Map tip: Kristinus Petnat 2019

Skizo Borászat (Skizo Winery) – Sike Balázs Pincéje (The Wine Cellar of Balázs Sike) – Badacsonytördemic

In the wine cellar of Balázs Sike, unique, strong structured wines are produced with the typical characteristics of the terroir of the Badacsony wine region. If we are looking for lighter wines, then let us choose from the Skizo wines, whereas if we wish for a more complex experience, then we offer you the selection of Balázs Sike. We may rest in the garden of their wine cellar in Badacsonytördemic, feeling as time has stopped and have a pleasant conversation while sipping our wine. Lake Balaton Gastro Map tip: Sike Balázs Zeus 2019

+ 1 Kányaváry Birtok (Kányaváry Estate) – Zalaszabar – Kis-balaton régió (Kis-Balaton Region)

The Kis-Balaton region is a great outlook and a change of venue near Lake Balaton where the Kányaváry Estate is located. Endless panorama, pleasant terrace, chirping of birds and calmness awaits us. It is highly recommended to also visit their mini festival called Bor.Zene.Zala (Wine.Music.Zala). Lake Balaton Gastro Map tip: Kányaváry Fortély 2018

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3 bakeries at Lake Balaton where the leavened bread is outstanding

Nowadays we can experience the revival of the craft of bakery in Hungary, which is proven by the fact that during the quarantine a lot of people took on themselves to try baking bread at home, therefore it became clear how much work it takes to make a fresh, delicious bread with natural ingredients. We now introduce three bakeries to you which offer leavened bread, which you simply have to visit when going to Lake Balaton and where you can also pay by bank card.

Búzalelke – Kisapáti
At first, Bea Kovács, the founder of Búzalelke only baked breads as a hobby, but by now, she is extremely famous for her leavened bread rolls and chocolate pinwheel cookies. She even transports her products to nearby restaurants, and it is worth arriving at her place early, since there is always a long queue even by opening hours before the door of her bakery in Kisapáti, at the foot of Szent György Hill where the amazing, incomparable smell of the freshly baked bread fills the air. Lake Balaton Gastro Map tip: apart from the leavened breads, mini buns with poppy seed filling

Mákmoiselle Pékség (Poppy seed Bakery) – Veszprém

The bakery offering leavened products in Veszprém opened during the quarantine, filling a great void, therefore it is no wonder that it soon became a favourite place of the locals. It is a cosy little place where, if we wish, we may also take a peek through the glass into baker’s place or we may choose to sit outside on the terrace with a delicious coffee. There are a great variety of leavened breads to choose from, as well as tasty chocolate pinwheel cookies and brioches and the bakery products which are the most special are the leavened crescent rolls and the buns. Lake Balaton Gastro Map tip: leavened crescent rolls and buns

Péklány kézműves pékség (Baker girl artisan bakery) – Balatonfüred
Orsi Zeliska has changed her marketing job to the craft of bakery and she has moved to Balatonfüred a couple of years ago with her family. Since then, she has baked many many bread in her bakery and on top of that, she also wrote a book with the title I have become a baker girl which book we wholeheartedly suggest to any hobby baker. Leavened breads, brioches, pinwheel cookies, bread bundles, croissants, sandwiches, there is everything in the counter which your heart may desire. Lake Balaton Gastro Map tip: real wholegrain bread + chocolate and cinnamon flavoured mini babka

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3 ice cream parlours at Lake Balaton you cannot resist

Sweet, creamy, crunchy, chocolate flavour, fruity, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, served in scoops or ice pops… Let’s see three ice cream parlours at Lake Balaton where they pay special attention to quality and where you can also pay by card.

Anjuna Ice Pops – Balatonfüred

The delicate treats of Anjuna Pops are made from actual fruits, plank milk and only the best natural ingredients. They represent taste-explosion, cool design and its products taste so great and healthy that it should be illegal. Have some Anjuna acai bowl for breakfast or as an afternoon treat; it is full of healthy ingredients! Lake Balaton Gastro Map tip: ice pop with raspberry flavour and chia.

Levendula Kézműves Fagylaltozó - Tihany

If you happen to be in Tihany, you should absolutely make a stop at the iconic purple bicycle. The Levendula (Lavender) artisan ice creams are truly made by hand, only using top ingredients such as nuts from Piedmont, lemon from Syracuse and pistachio from the Sicilian Bronte. Traditional flavours and real specialities await you in the repertoire, and they are also prepared for all kinds of food intolerances! Lake Balaton Gastro Map tip: dark chocolate with lavender flavour.

Rottmayer Ice Cream – Balatonfenyves

You should not miss the newest ice cream parlour of Balatonfenyves. They offer inimitable ice creams from the Espressoul confectionery manufacture of Budapest and these wonders are exclusively made from traditional and natural ingredients: marvellous flavours, creamy texture without any artificial additives. They also have sugar-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free ice creams, moreover, you can also find traditional and even some crazy flavours to choose from. Lake Balaton Gastro Map tip: pistachio flavour ice cream.

A Balatonnál is támogasd a hazai gasztronómiát, és fizess Mastercard ® bankkártyáddal.

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Once again, Lake Balaton awaits you with wonderful gastronomic adventures!

This summer will surely be spent by many people in the spirit of domestic travels, to which the most recent issue of the Lake Balaton Gastro Map released in the middle of July provides excellent assistance. Apart from the classic restaurants, the repertoire is expanded by new offers, which, as before, may be accessed in the form of application as well. This year’s issue was published in 50 thousand copies, with the participation of altogether 68 catering establishment, one month later than the usual issue due to the pandemic. The Lake Balaton Gastro Map Application is available for free this year, as well, and we can get information with one click of the whereabouts of gastronomic destinations closest to us. “I am extremely happy that at last, we were able to create and publish the Gastro Map this year, too, since there were a lot of uncertainties for a long time due to the pandemic. However, now it seems, that either the print map or the use of our application may provide even greater assistance to people than before, as most of them will travel domestically. We seek to continuously help our readers and users with new ideas who follow our work with unwavering zeal for more than 5 years.” – points out Judit Szauer gastro-communications specialist, the founder of the Lake Balaton Gastro Map. The issue is also available in PDF format for anybody on the web site, whereas the paper-based map is still free, bilingual (Hungarian and English) and may be found at any of the hundreds of relevant tourist information offices at Lake Balaton and in Budapest, as well as at any of the 68 partners indicated in the Lake Balaton Gastro Map from 10 July.

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Plant trees with the Lake Balaton Gastro Map!

The Lake Balaton Gastro Map team launches a green campaign, they intend to raise awareness of the importance of environmental awareness and sustainable thinking by planting trees and by presenting the efforts made regarding the sustainability of the catering establishments at Lake Balaton.

In the spirit of the Green Balaton campaign, we are planting an own sapling for every establishment, that is, 68 altogether, indicated in the Lake Balaton Gastro Map, with the contribution of the Plant a Tree Cocktail team, thereby drawing attention to the importance of sustainable approach and environmental awareness. Anybody may join the campaign, visit the website of

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Ready for adventure again – Where does your first trip take you?

This year’s video series of Volvo Auto Hungária and the Lake Balaton Gastro Map starts on 20 July and the new episodes will come out every Monday for a month, in which episodes Judit Szauer, the founder of the Lake Balaton Gastro Map presents the less frequented but even lovelier areas holding excitement also from a gastronomic point of view.

You can follow the series here